Our collective oil passions began with friendship. Kandy was first introduced to essential oils by her friend Jennifer and her first thought was “snake oils.” But as a registered nurse, Kandy quickly recognized therapeutic grade essential oils filled a wellness space that was empty for many, and began to share her passion for the products with the rest of her world. Our passion continues to blossom and grow through friendship. In addition to her love for her family, friends and Young Living Essential Oils, Kandy shares her heart through writing at Sweet Side of Crazy.  Kandy has a passion for improving the medication reconciliation process and serves as a Board member for the Oklahoma Association for Home Care & Hospice.



Toni is the passionate influencer of our leadership group. She is committed to delivering a healthier lifestyle to her friends and community, and never stops sharing her story with the world. Also a Registered Nurse, Toni has spent her career working with the marginalized patient and carries special interest in her heart for the elderly and under served. This mother of two beautiful girls also devotes a large part of her time giving back to her local and global communities, and served on the very first Board of Directors for Somebody's Mama, our Oolala community cause.



Erika is the idea chick, with strengths in marketing and sales. She is the mother, creator and brains behind Oolala. After spending almost 20 years selling in the pharmaceutical industry, she has decided to use her talents for good and has discovered the freedom that comes with choosing natural alternatives for her health. Erika is also the co-founder of Somebody's Mama, and is all in when it comes to empowering women to live their fullest potential. Her personal goal is to settle into a spot where her professional life reflects her personal convictions.